Event Date: January 31st – @ 7pm                                                    Investment: U$ 35,00

Natural Skincare Class

In our office, we have seen a lot of skin disorders from mild dryness, rosacea, and hyperpigmentation to intense cystic acne. What we’ve learned is that a lot of our clients don’t actually know how they should be taking care of their skin on a daily basis. And, we’ve seen that just by correcting these skincare basics, a large percentage of skin issues can diminish – whether oily skin, acne, chronic dryness, and redness.

In this class, Eliziane Nascimento (owner of Jade Wellness and Acupuncturist) and Amalia Lacayo (holistic skin esthetician) will be showing you the right way to love and treat your largest vital organ holistic.

You will learn:

  • The proper cleansing tips for your skin type and condition ( Oily, Rosacea, Hyperpigmentation and Dry Skin )
  • Exfoliating and masking and the right frequency by your skin type
  • Serums
  • The proper hydration for your skin
  • Why it is so important lymphatic facial massage as part of your skincare rutine
  • Does SPF 30 Protect Your Skin Twice as Much as SPF 15?
  • Topical Antioxidant and Internals Antioxidants
  • Skin nutrition ( Supplements, Homeopathy and Chinese Herbs)
  • Q&A


On this Class you will receive:

Natural Skincare handout base on your skin type and condition

Skin type nutrition

Skin Moisturizer custom to your skin type (trial size


Organic Juice and natural snacks will be serving.


Every Thursday at 7:30pm

This is a great “investment” in YOURSELF.

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